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Industrial Paint Guide

Tips on Applying Epoxy Garage Floor Paint


One of the easiest ways to make an old, dingy garage look new is by giving the floor a new look. Majority of the dirt in the garage get on the floor and lead to its degradation. By replacing or painting the floor, you can make the garage look new and attractive. However, replacing the floor can be quite expensive. Therefore, the best alternative is to paint the floor,
You should not use just any paint for the floor. Given that the floor will have to deal with hot tires, chemical spills, oil leaks and other weather elements, you need a paint that can withstand all of these. Water and oil based paints won't work for various reasons. Water based paints will come off when you are washing the floor. On the other hand, oil based paints will start peeling off when in contact with oils and chemical spills. So, which paint should you use?
Epoxy Paints for Garage Floors
The best floor paint to use for garage floors are those made of epoxy. Epoxy is a special type of liquid that can solidify when mixed with some chemicals. When you apply an epoxy-based paint on your floor, it will take about 18 hours to dry and form a new floor. The new floor will be resistant to hot tires, chemicals, oils and other solvents.
Before you apply an epoxy paint on your garage floor, carry out thorough cleaning. If the floor has dirt and grime, the paint may not adhere to the concrete well. You should also follow specific instructions when applying the epoxy paint to end up with a good finish. Check whether the epoxy kit comes with instructions on mixing and applying the paint. If there are no instructions, ask the paint store attendant to advise you on the mixing and application processes.
Apart from being able to withstand weather, chemicals and other solvents, epoxy floors come in many colors. You can find a color that will complement the existing theme of your garage. Moreover, you can also use flake designs to bring more dimension on the garage floor. Check with the store what kinds of flakes are available for the epoxy garage floor paint you want. You can also use the Internet to search for flake designs that will work for your paint.
If you are not good at DIY tasks, find a local garage flooring company to help you with the garage painting project.